Country: Sweden
National capital: Stockholm
Population: 9,196,227 people
Area: 449,964 square kilometers
Currency: Swedish krona
Language: Swedish

Sweden is a country that hides many unusual places and attractions. Stockholm called the „Venice of the North.” The island of Gotland with the historic city of Visby listed by UNESCO. Skåne attracting with its wealth of castles. And the picturesque city of Karlskrona considered one of the most beautiful regions of the country. Malmö and Uppsala are also worth seeing.

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Is Sweden worth visiting


Is Sweden worth visiting  Stockholm

 Stockholm is Sweden’s largest city and capital. Located on 14 islands connected by 53 bridges, the city has a diverse climate characterized by warm summers and cold winters. Stockholm is home to the parliament, the government, and the royal family. We can get around the city by subway, bus or commuter train (common ticket for all modes of transportation). There are many museums in the city, the most visited being the Vasa ship museum and the open-air museum on Djurgården. An unusual adventure can be a ride on the subway, it is described as „the world’s longest art gallery” Many stations look like real works of art. Some tourists decide to spend up to several hours to ride down the most interesting ones.


Is Sweden worth visiting Malmo

This third-largest city in Sweden is beautifully located on the shores of the Oresund Bay. Since ancient times, the city has been put on a par with Copenhagen as a significant urban center in Scandinavia. The city retains many historic buildings, the oldest of which date back to the late 13th century. Modern Malmö works with tourists in mind – in the center most streets have been closed to traffic, so you can freely relax in the numerous cafes, stores. Visit Malmomuseer – Malmö Museum, which is located in Malmohus, a beautiful Renaissance castle built when the city belonged to Denmark. The museum has exhibits on natural history, the history of the city, and science and technology. You can also admire the Renaissance Radhuset, or town hall, standing in one of Scandinavia’s largest squares, the Stortorget, and the 13th-century Gothic St. Peter’s Church, with the largest altarpiece in all of Scandinavia, dating from 1611. Meanwhile, the city’s showpiece is the Turning Torso, a modern residential skyscraper (the tallest building in Sweden – 190 meters), built as an architectural attraction in the avant-garde Vastra Hamnen neighborhood. Also worth a trip from Malmo is nearby Copenhagen, Denmark.


Is Sweden worth visiting Karlskrona

Karlskrona is a city located on 33 rocky islands and a former defensive fortress founded more than 300 years ago by order of the King of Sweden. A tour of this remarkable city will take you to vantage points from which you can admire the archipelago of more than 1,500 islands. There’s nothing stopping you from going (or sailing!) to one of them looking for traces of the Vikings and visiting the fortifications defending access to the city. A visit to Karlskrona is an opportunity to see a modern Swedish naval base and learn about its history, including at the Maritime Museum, which is one of the region’s biggest tourist attractions. Here you will board a real submarine and walk through an underwater tunnel! The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a reason!


Is Sweden worth visiting Uppsala

Uppsala It is not only a university city and the former capital of the country, but above all the historical and religious heart of Sweden, a visible sign of which is the many magnificent monuments with the Gothic cathedral, the largest in all of Scandinavia, at the forefront. Its crypt houses the relics of Erik IX the Saint – king and patron saint of Sweden, while the bodies of other rulers, including Gustav I Vasa, also rest here. A must-see is also the huge Uppsala Slott Castle, built during the reign of the Vasa dynasty. The university, housed in an impressive neo-Renaissance building from the 19th century, is also worth a visit. Among the university’s more famous alumni are naturalist Carl von Linne (Linnaeus) and Anders Celsius, creator of the 100-degree temperature scale.


Is Sweden worth visiting gotland visby

Gotland otherwise known as Viking Island, is Sweden’s largest island located south of Stockholm. Gotland is a paradise for those seeking peace and refuge amidst extraordinary and unspoiled nature. There are perfectly preserved monuments on the island, and history is alive thanks to the inhabitants, descendants of the Vikings, who carefully cultivate it. There are more than 100 medieval churches throughout the island. Every step one encounters monuments, museums and ruins. The island’s largest city, Visby, is an example of perfectly preserved medieval buildings. Its defensive walls are 3.5 kilometers long and interspersed with magnificent gates and towers. The oldest part of Visby, with its extraordinarily beautiful St. Mary’s Cathedral from the turn of the 12th-13th century, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995.

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