Country: Poland
Country’s capital: Warsaw
Population: 38,167,000 people
Area: 322,575 square kilometers
Currency: zloty
Language: Polish

Poland lies in the center of Europe. It is here that the geometric center of the continent is located. The country’s capital, Warsaw, is located a short distance from other European cities: it is about 2 hours by plane from Paris and London, just over an hour from Vienna or Berlin. You can find almost everything in Poland: from alpine-like mountains, wide beaches, clear lakes, abundant forests and magnificent monuments. When visiting Poland, you must visit Krakow Warsaw and Gdansk.


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Is Poland worth to travel to? How beautiful is Poland?


Is Poland worth to travel to? How beautiful is Poland? warsaw

Warsaw is not just the capital of Poland – it is a vibrant metropolis, a combination of tradition and modernity. It offers great entertainment, many sights and attractions of Warsaw. Fans of museums will not be disappointed. While in Warsaw, visit the The Warsaw Rising Museum, the Royal Castle, the Museum of Jewish History and the Neon Museum. Warsaw is a place of nightlife, it can be said that the Polish capital does not fall asleep on the weekend. The best clubs are located on Nowy Swiat street.


Is Poland worth to travel to? How beautiful is Poland? krakow

Krakow is a city frequented by tourists from all over the world. Krakow is famous not only for its rich history, but also for its countless attractions for both young and old. In 2019, Krakow was visited by as many as 14 million tourists. Tourist attractions in Krakow that are the most popular among visitors included Wawel Castle, the Main Market Square, the „Cloth Hall”, the former Jewish quarter „Kazimierz” and the Old Town.


Is Poland worth to travel to? How beautiful is Poland? krakow

The Auschwitz-Birkenau extermination camp museum  is visited by several hundred thousand people every year. During World War II, the Nazis murdered Jews, Poles, Roma and Russians at the camp. 90% of this number were Jews deported from all countries of occupied Europe. One enters the Auschwitz Genocide Museum through a gate with the inscription „Arbeit macht frei”, immortalized in many films and photographs. Further on you can see more than a dozen brick buildings where prisoners lived. A shocking sight are the exhibitions arranged in the prison blocks of items seized from the prisoners and murdered. The largest concentration camp was located in neighboring Birkenau, and it was here that most of the mass extermination equipment was constructed. The condition of the camp was tried to remain unchanged.


Is Poland worth to travel to? How beautiful is Poland? wieliczka

Some tourists come to Poland just to visit the Wieliczka salt mine. It is the oldest active enterprise in the world. It has been mining salt continuously since the 13th century, although not on an industrial scale today. Today’s mine is a labyrinth of underground galleries and chambers 350 km long, of which 2 km are open to the public. The route leads through 20 chambers located on three levels, from 64 to 135 meters underground, lakes and chapels with salt sculptures, bas-reliefs and chandeliers. Particularly beautiful is the chapel of St. Kinga, which rather deserves to be called an underground salt church due to its dimensions. The mine also has an underground post office, restaurant and cinema, and even… tennis courts. Concerts, theatrical performances and balls are held in the large chambers. Since the air there has medicinal properties, a sanatorium was established on the fifth level (211 meters underground) to treat various allergies and asthma.


Is Poland worth to travel to? How beautiful is Poland? malbork

Tourists visiting Poland often go to Malbork. There they can see the castle of the Teutonic Knights – the largest Gothic fortress in Europe. It consists of three castles surrounded by separate fortifications and covers about 20 hectares. It also houses a museum with an amber collection. A special attraction is a night tour of the castle. In addition, in the summer, a light and sound show is held in the castle courtyards.


Is Poland worth to travel to? How beautiful is Poland? gdansk

Gdansk is a historic city. Just a short visit to the Old Town makes you realize how many attractions there are. You should start your stay with a walk along Dluga Street, which is the most important street of the Old Town. Along it you will find the famous Neptune’s Fountain, the Gdansk Museum or numerous truly beautiful townhouses. Be sure to take a stroll along the Motlawa River as well. There you can drop in on Granary Island and Olowianka. On the latter you will find the Philharmonic Hall, the Maritime Museum and the AmberSky Viewing Wheel, which will allow you to look down on almost all of Gdansk. The city also offers other attractions that will make sure you won’t be bored in the evening either.

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