Country: Monaco
Capital of the country: Monaco
Population: 32,795 people
Area: 195 km2
Currency: euro
Language: French

Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world. It is only about 2 square kilometers in size and can be walked all around in less than 1 day The principality, however, is famous for its many attractions, which include the luxurious Monte Carlo district, the prince’s palace and the world’s most famous casino. What’s worth seeing in Monaco? Here’s a guide.

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What is a big attraction in Monaco?

Monaco Attractions

What is a big attraction in Monaco?

Monaco Attractions
Monaco is attractive in its own right. Walking around the principality is an opportunity to admire luxury cars and yachts, beautiful La Belle Epoque architecture, the most expensive hotels in the world, and many sculptures and art installations. You can also drive or walk the city’s F1 track ranked among the toughest in the entire Grand Prix, see the ducal palace and the apartment where millionaires live. It’s worth setting aside a full day to explore Monaco on your own. That way there will be enough time to visit all the interesting places in peace and get lost without feeling like a waste of time.


Monte Carlo Casino

What is a big attraction in Monaco? casino

The Monte Carlo Casino (Casino de Monte-Carlo) was built in the second half of the 19th century and is magnificently decorated, especially inside. You can enter the lobby of the building completely free of charge, regardless of your attire, including children. The lobby itself is worth seeing, in addition, you can take photos there. Entrance to the gaming halls is available only to adults upon presentation of an ID. You can play the slot machines in the first room as early as noon, and the minimum banknote is 5 euros. At that time, you can also visit the other game rooms for a fee (without playing). This is cleaning and maintenance time, photos are allowed. The afternoon and evening are reserved for players in proper attire. Photography is prohibited, and admission is charged.
James Bond fans will be interested to know that two Bond films were shot in and around the casino: Never Say Never (Sean Connery) and GoldenEye (Pierce Brosnan).

Café de Paris

What is a big attraction in Monaco? cafe de paris

Café de Paris
Right next to the casino is the Café de Paris, and on the other side is Monaco’s most famous hotel, the Hotel de Paris. In the building adjacent to the café you can also play slot machines. In the café itself, prices are exorbitant, as it is an elegant and historic place. It was here that the world-famous Crêpes Suzette pancakes were invented. It’s worth ordering them and tasting them overlooking the casino and hotel building.

Circuit de Monaco

What is a big attraction in Monaco?

Tourists often wonder where in Monaco is the famous circuit on which F1 cars race every May. Meanwhile, they walk around it taking photos in front of the casino and strolling near the marina in the center. Circuit de Monaco is 3.3 kilometers long, and the most famous corner is the one in front of the Fairmont Monte Carlo Hotel. Admission to the grandstands during the Grand Prix is paid, but on Friday during the F1 weekend you can usually get in for free and see the test drives and F2 runs.

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