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Country: Liechtenstein
National capital: Vaduz
Population: 34,761 people
Area: 160 km2
Currency: Swiss franc
Language: German (Aleman dialect)

The Principality of Liechtenstein is a small country located in Europe. It borders Austria and Switzerland. It is a mountainous country. It is not part of the European Union but of the European Economic Area. It is a country where German is the only language allowed in circulation.

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what to see in Liechtenstein vaduz castle

Vaduz is the small capital of a small country. The main street for tourists is the Stӓdtle, along which you will find both souvenir stores and many public buildings. Here you’ll find, among others, the Art Museum (Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein), the National Museum (Landesmuseum), the Philatelic Museum (Briefmarkenmuseum) and a tourist information center. At the extension of Stӓdtle Street you will also find a modern building – the seat of parliament, the historic former seat of government, and a little farther away a tall church building. This is the Cathedral of St. Florin in Vaduz, the center of the Archdiocese of Vaduz. Also worth seeing is the Gothic-style Vaduz Castle, dating back to the 12th century; it sits on a hill above the city and is easily visible from the center of the capital. Liechtenstein is a constitutional monarchy ruled by Prince John Adam II, who resides right in Vaduz Castle. For this reason, the castle is not open to the public. However, it is worth a drive up to the castle hill, especially for the magnificent views from the top.

Malbun Liechtenstein

Is Liechtenstein worth seeing? malbun

This is a small village where the falconry center „Galina” is located, with shows featuring hawks, eagles and falcons taking place every day (except Mondays) at 3 pm.

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