Country: Latvia
Capital city: Riga
Population: 2,231,503 people
Area: 64 589 square kilometers
Currency: Euro
Language: Latvian

Latvia is a Baltic country with neighbors Lithuania and Estonia. Latvia is an ideal destination for nature fans. Natural areas occupy a large chunk of Latvia. Among the most important are the Gauja National Park or the meanders of the Dvina River near Daugavpils. Most tourists visit Latvia to visit Riga. The Latvian capital is an interesting city. While in the country, it is worth going to the coast to Jurmala – the main seaside resort of Latvia. You can also visit two, interesting and beautifully located cities, namely Lipawa and Vindava.


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Is Latvia a good place to travel? Why should you visit Latvia?


latvia-riga Is Latvia a good place to travel? Why should you visit Latvia?

Riga – or the capital of Latvia is located on the Daugava River, near the mouth of the Gulf of Riga. It is the main economic, cultural and scientific center of Latvia. The old part of the city is interspersed with medieval houses and multi-storied with Gothic tenements. There is the Romanesque-Gothic cathedral (13th century), the remains of a 13th century Cistercian monastery, the Gothic churches of St. Peter (with a tall 123-meter tower), St. James (13th century), St. John (14th century) and the Baroque church of St. Peter and Paul (18th century). Riga is also home to a 14th century castle, along with remnants of medieval walls and a citadel.



s Latvia a good place to travel? Why should you visit Latvia? Jurmala

Latvia’s main tourist attraction is the previously mentioned Jurmala. It has no compact development and consists of a number of numerous resort settlements such as Kemeri, Jaunkemeri, Sloka, Kauguri, Vaivari, Asari, Melluzi, Pumpuri, Jaundubulti, Dubultii, Majori, Dzintari, Bulduri and Lielupe. The main tourist and leisure assets of the city are clean beaches perfectly developed accommodation, and gastronomic and sanatorium facilities. The city also attracts a large number of historic buildings that were built of wood, and have their own unique character.

Sigulda, Gauja National Park

what to see in latvia sigulda

In addition to Riga and Jurmala, many tourists also visit Sigulda, located on the edge of Gauja National Park. In this park we can admire, among other things, three castles, numerous caves, lakes, old-growth forest, and we can spend our free time here on a huge modern toboggan run. Tourists coming to Latvia are also eager to visit the country’s second largest city, located on the Daugava River, Daugavplis – Dyneburg.


Daugavpils is Latvia a good place to travel? Why should you visit Latvia?

The second largest city in Latvia is Daugavpils. The city has several magnificent monuments, such as; St. Peter’s Church, the 1905 Cathedral of St. Boris and Gleb, the ruins of the Tsarist fortress of Tsars Alexander I and Nicholas I, the Evangelical Neo-Gothic Church and the Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


kuldiga is Latvia a good place to travel? Why should you visit Latvia?

Another place worth seeing is the medieval town of Kuldiga. This town has lovely monuments and landscapes and spreads an extremely pleasant atmosphere for tourists who come there. Kuldiga is famous not only for its beautiful Ventas Rumba waterfalls, but also for its many cafes, restaurants and charming town hall square, where the famous Latvian Holy Trinity Church, dating back to 1672, is located.

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