Country: Germany
National capital: Berlin
Population: 82,046,000 people
Area: 357,114 square kilometers
Currency: euro
Language: German

Germany, is not known, as a popular tourist destination. However, cities such as Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg and Lübeck are ideal options for a weekend city break. It’s also worth going there for a longer stay. Germany has a really interesting tourist offer, consisting of numerous monuments of natural wonders and magnificent landscapes. The country invites you to have fun. Not only during festivals or cultural events, such as Oktoberfest. But also thanks to the many excellent pubs and clubs scattered throughout the country.

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Is Germany worth seeing?


Is Germany a beautiful country? Berlin

Berlin will appeal to anyone who enjoys exploring large, vibrant cities. Germany’s multicultural and tolerant capital is also an excellent destination for backpackers. See the German capital’s top attractions: the island of museums, the cathedral, the TV towers, parts of the Berlin Wall and the vibe of the iconic Kreuzberg district.


Is Germany worth seeing? Potsdam

If you are going to Berlin, you must carve out time to visit Potsdam as well. This picturesque city is located southwest of the outskirts of the German capital. Potsdam, which is the capital of Brandenburg, is especially famous for its magnificent parks and palaces. Baroque and classicist architecture forms a cohesive urban ensemble that will delight you from the first minutes of your stay. The centerpiece of this ensemble is the Sanssouci park and palace complex, which has made the city world famous. Potsdam was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1990.

Is Germany a beautiful country?


Is Germany a beautiful country? Munich

It’s worth knowing that Munich is Germany’s third-largest city, with a population of more than 1.5 million, which most people associate with soccer (the famous Bayern), delicious beer (the world-famous Oktoberfest festival) and the BMW brand. It is a city of culture and art. Full of monumental buildings, with no shortage of remnants of the Roman Empire or the Kingdom of Bavaria. You can spend time here not only learning about this city’s historic past, but also enjoying German culture and art, and partying in the evenings at local clubs. Top attractions include: Englischer Garten: the English garden, Marienplatz – the focal point of the entire city, Nymphenburg Castle, the aforementioned Oktoberfest festival or the BMW museum.


Is Germany a beautiful country? Cologne

Cologne’s attractions attract crowds of tourists every year. The city is not only famous religious monuments from the UNESCO heritage list, but also a section of the old town located right on the Rhine, or some really interesting museums. Cologne’s attractions also include colorful and restored townhouses, narrow streets and numerous cafes and, importantly, the city’s breweries, where life goes on even after dark. Things to see in Cologne include: as it was, the Cathedral of St. Peter and Mary, the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum, St. Martin’s Church and the Chocolate Museum.s.


Is Germany worth seeing? Hamburg

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany. Although not located by the sea, it is famous for its large harbor, shipyards and numerous canals. It’s a good place for lovers of the watery atmosphere, as well as culture and art. Among the city’s biggest attractions are: Hamburger Port (Hamburger Hafen), Miniature Park (Miniatur Wunderland) which is Hamburg’s most popular attraction is a miniature land depicting selected parts of the world in miniature. All this on huge mock-ups spread over three floors. This is an excellent attraction for a family trip. The „City of Granaries” – „Speicherstadt” – is also worth seeing.
is one of Hamburg’s biggest tourist attractions. It is the world’s largest granary complex, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Is Germany a beautiful country? Lubeck

Lübeck is a very old Hanseatic city located in northern Germany. It is dominated by its medieval character, Gothic brick architecture and historical and cultural attractions, making it well worth a visit. When visiting Lübeck, we should first focus on the UNESCO-listed Old Town, and then go to the historic cathedrals that are one of Lübeck’s landmarks, such as St. Peter’s Church, St. Catherine’s Church and Holstentor with its original fairy-tale castle structure. We can also hook up with one of the oldest social institutions, the Hospital of the Holy Spirit. Lübeck is world famous for its marzipan. In Niedereggers you can see where it is made and take some home with you for family and friends. Lübeck is famous for its culture and history, but it is also a lively place, full of entertainment, with many taverns, bars and nightclubs that come alive after sunset.

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