Country: Finland
National capital: Helsinki
Population: 5,313,026 people
Area: 338,145 square kilometers
Currency: euro
Language: Finnish, Swedish

Finland is an extremely interesting country located in Northern Europe, whose history dates back to just 1917, when it seceded from Russia, following the collapse of the empire.
Finland is a picturesque country of a thousand lakes and islands. Nearly two-thirds of the land is covered by forests, where bears, wolves, foxes, moose and reindeer can be found. Finland’s archipelagos, which number more than 60,000 picturesque islands and islets, the forests covering the country and the unspoiled nature are unparalleled in all of Europe and perhaps even the world. In Finland you can visit beautiful cities such as the capital Helsinki, or Tampere, and you will have ideal conditions for many activities, traditional walks on the beach, or skiing .

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Is Finland worth visiting?


is finlandia worth visiting? Helsinki

 Helsinki is a beautifully located city on the Gulf of Finland and has its own unique character. Helsinki’s buildings follow the style of the Russian city of St. Petersburg. Among the city’s most important monuments are the Presidential Palace and the Great Church of St. Nicholas. The city offers many cultural and art attractions, such as the National Museum of Finland; the Museum of the City of Helsinki; and the Finnish Art Gallery, with exhibits of classical and contemporary art. Also worth a visit is the Uspensky Cathedral, which is one of the most interesting examples of the Russian-Byzantine style in local architecture.


what to see in finland

Finland’s main attraction is Suomenlinna, a fortress located on several islands in Helsinki. It has great cultural significance and is known to every resident of Finland. In 1991, Suomenlinna was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In addition to the fortress, the islands also have, a Navy school numerous restaurants and cafes for tourists. Getting there is no problem as there is a ferry that will take you from Helsinki’s main square.


Is finland worth seeing?

 A great attraction of this country is also Santa Claus and the Lapland associated with him. This land tempts not only with its well-known hero, but also with its unique polar climate. During a tour of Finland, it is certainly worth stopping here at least for a while.

Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis finland worth visiting

Among the special and unique attractions of Finland is the so-called „Aurora Borealis.” This phenomenon occurs depending on the magnetic activity of the sun and in Lapland it can be observed throughout the winter. The effect of the so-called „white nights” leaves a unique impression of your stay in this beautiful country.


The city of Turku is also a frequent destination for tourists traveling in Finland. It lies in the southwestern part of Finland and is its former capital. Turku is also an important seaport and is home to the oldest university, founded in 1640. Finland’s oldest Turunlinna Castle is located here, dating back to 1150 and being, the former seat of governors and princes. Also worth seeing here is a cathedral from 1250, a basilica from 1285, a monastery from 1443 and the remains of a medieval town.

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