Country: Denmark
National capital: Copenhagen
Population: 5,500,510 people
Area: 43,094 square kilometers
Currency: Danish krone
Language: Danish

The Kingdom of Denmark, which is the smallest country in Scandinavia, is located in the northern part of Europe. Denmark is a beautiful country with an interesting history, which impresses tourists with its unique climate and landscapes. It owes its uniqueness to its location – most of the country lies on the Jutland peninsula, while the rest is located on 443 islands, of which only 76 are populated. Denmark also includes Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Denmark is all about natural beauty. Visiting the country, we can venture into paragraphs of wild moorland, or admire the rough can from the top of limestone cliffs surrounding uninhabited islands. Suffice it to mention the island of Limfjorden on which there is an impressive Jasperhus Park, where more than half a million flowers grow.The showpiece of Denmark is its beautiful coastline. The country also has an excellently developed network of bicycle paths – exploring Denmark by bicycle, following thousands of kilometers of bicycle paths surrounded by unspoiled nature, crossing the streets of historic towns is pure pleasure.


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Is Denmark worth visiting ?


Is copenhagen Denmark worth visiting?

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. Located on the Strait of Sund, it is one of the largest Scandinavian cities. Copenhagen is the capital and also the largest center of Denmark. The city is inhabited by more than half a million people. What will Copenhagen surprise us with? You should start your sightseeing with an amusement park located in the very center of the city. Tivoli Gardens is the second oldest facility of its kind in the world. It was first opened in the mid-19th century. Monuments in the city that are worth seeing are primarily churches, with the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the top. It is the most important religious building in the entire country. Also noteworthy are the beautiful palaces. While in Copenhagen, it is worth eybiting to nearby Malmö in Sweden.


legoland Denmark worth visiting?

The Legoland amusement park is the largest modern attraction in all of Denmark. The park was built entirely from several million Lego bricks. A dragon made of bricks on which you can ride, rafting in a „wooden” boat on a mountain river and even a replica of a town made of bricks straight from the Wild West, or the most famous buildings and monuments from around the world, make an incredible impression. To explore all the more than 50 attractions put into operation, you need to spend several days. While in Legoland, it is worth visiting the surrounding Safari Park in Givskud. An area of more than 60 hectares is home to several thousand animals of many species. You can move around the park in your vehicle or in a specially designed bus. The newest built part of the park is dedicated to Gorilla Island, which is separated from visitors by the surrounding river.


andersen odense is Denmarkc worth visiting?

Situated on Funen, Denmark’s second largest island, the city is inextricably linked to its most famous resident Hans Christian Andersen – undoubtedly Denmark’s and the world’s greatest fairy tale writer. And Funen itself is a landscape from his fairy tales – picturesque houses among which wind paths and roads planted with willows with green, peaceful hills with castles in the background. In the city park stands a monument to the writer H.C. Andersen the house where he lived has been transformed into a museum. The city, which had its beginning in 988 thanks to Emperor Otto III, offers much more. The beautiful Odense Palace located near the train station as well as St. Canute’s Cathedral, built in Gothic style and offering panoramic views of the entire city, are also worth a look.

Kronborg Castle in Helsingør

what to dee in denmark Kronborg

Helsingør – a Danish city in the northeast of Zealand, located 40 km north of Copenhagen on the Strait of Sund. In this city there is one of the most famous buildings – the 16th century Kronborg Castle, where Shakespeare set the action of his most famous work „Hamlet”. It is one of the most important monuments located in Denmark. Construction of the fortress began in 1420, and was expanded in 1574-85. Kronborg Castle served many functions, including being a royal residence and the headquarters of a military garrison. Today it serves as the Maritime Museum, rich in documents, ship models and navigational instruments. The castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


legoland Denmark worth visiting?

Bornholm is Denmark’s easternmost island. The magnificent contrasts between rocky cliffs, expansive sandy beaches, mysterious forests or charming round churches, and coastal fishing towns make an incredible impression on anyone who sees them. Bornholm is known for its community of artists and artisans working in glass and stone, as well as its smokehouses and local specialty, smoked herring. The island is ideal for both those seeking relaxation on the beach and those who enjoy an active holiday, While on Bornholm, it is worth visiting the two small islands of Christianso and Frederikso, where about 100 residents live permanently. They are fortified and under the jurisdiction of the Danish Ministry of Defense. The first stop on any tourist’s map should undoubtedly be the ruins of Hammershus Castle, which is one of the largest complexes of ruins in all of Northern Europe.

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