Country: Czech Republic
National capital: Prague
Population: 10,542,080 people
Area: 78871 square kilometers 
Currency: Czech crown
Language: Czech

The Czech Republic consists of two provinces : Bohemia and Moravia. The capital, Prague, has a population of 1.25 million. The climate of the Czech Republic is warm, temperate. Winters are fairly mild and summers are warm. The Czech Republic is an attractive tourist destination. Every year 25-30 million people visit the country, most of them in transit. More than 6.3 million tourists visited the Czech Republic in 2005, more than 6.5 million in 2006, and about 6.65 million in 2008. Most visitors come from neighboring countries (Germany, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary), but also from Italy and France. What attracts foreign tourists above all is Prague, a city full of world-class monuments. As a center of international tourism, it has outdistanced the nearby metropolises of Vienna and Budapest. Worth visiting here: the Old Town Hall, Hradczany or St. Vitus Cathedral. Among the other cities most frequently visited by tourists are: Brno, Olomouc, Plzen, Liberec, České Budějovice and Ostrava. The Czech spas of Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně are still internationally renowned. Many tourists relax in the Giant Mountains and Ore Mountains (including the Czech Switzerland) and in Šumava.

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Is Czech Republic worth seeing?


prague what to see in czech republic

Prague is considered one of the most beautiful European capitals, which is confirmed by its growing popularity year after year. The statistics speak for themselves – in 2018 the number of tourists reached almost 8 million. They are mainly attracted to the Czech capital by the monumental architecture of the Hradčany castle complex, the charm of the Old Town streets, the romantic atmosphere of Charles Bridge and the unique atmosphere of traditional Czech breweries.

Things to do in Czech Republic outside of Prague

České Budějovice

ceske-budejovice Is czech republic worth seeing

České Budějovice is located south of Prague. It was founded in the mid-13th century as a royal city. Today it is known primarily to beer lovers. It is here that the world-famous Budvar is made. For more than 700 years, beer has been brewed according to the original recipe. A visit to the city will therefore be an ideal opportunity to try Budweiser Budvar straight from the producer. Most of the most interesting attractions of České Budějovice are located around the historic market square. It is worth mentioning that it is one of the largest in Europe and covers an area of one hectare. Directly next to it you will find numerous beautiful Baroque houses, as well as the amazing building of the town hall. Also take a look at St. Nicholas Cathedral, climb the Black Tower and visit the interesting salt house building.


czech republic worth seeing pilsner urquel

Pilsen is a city where the atmosphere of the Middle Ages and the history of beer are omnipresent. Whether your itinerary includes the Pilsner Urquell Brewery, the Brewing Museum or Pilsen’s taverns, everywhere you can feel the history dating back as far as the 13th century.
Words such as pils, pilsner or pilsener are known literally all over the world. The creation of this legendary beer is due to the Pilsen brewery. Pilsen is a must-see for any lover of this golden beverage.

Karlovy Vary

what to see in czech republic Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary has been called the most beautiful spa in the Czech Republic. Located just 2 hours from Prague, the town’s history dates back to the 14th century when the heir to the imperial throne Charles IV decided to establish a settlement named Hot Lázně (Teplé lázně u Lokte) near a hot spring discovered during a hunt. In time, a spa named after the founder, Karlovy Vary (Vary in Slavic languages just meant hot springs), was established here, and the beautiful location and properties of the waters over the years attracted the wealthy from all over Europe. The city grew and became rich, the historic center began to be decorated with stately villas and palaces, and beautiful colonnades were built around the springs, which we can still admire today.

Karlstejn Castle

karlstejn castleIs czech republic worth seeing

Karlštejn Castle – Hrad Karlštejn is the most famous Czech castle and one of the symbols of the Czech Republic and one of the most beautiful castles in Europe.The castle was supposed to be a resting place for its founder, Charles IV, but during the course of construction, which lasted more than seven years, the idea of the object’s function changed. The castle became the depository of Bohemian and Roman crown jewels and precious relics of saints.
It is one of the biggest and most popular tourist attractions in the Czech Republic. It can be reached from the D5 highway connecting Prague and Pilsen by taking exit 14 and continuing on road 116 in the direction of Karlštejn. You must know that the place is overrun with tourists, ice cream vendors and souvenir stands.

Rock Town in Czech Republic

The Adrspassko-Teplicke Rock Town in the Czech Republic The Rock Town is a fantastic stone labyrinth carved by the forces of nature. Every year, numerous tourists walk along the designated trails and enjoy the view of the extraordinary rock formations.

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