Country: Cyprus
Capital of the country: Nicosia
Population: 794,600 people
Area: 8,997 square kilometers
Currency: euro
Language: Greek, Turkish

Cyprus is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is often referred to as the island of Aphrodite. A clear sign of history is the current situation of Cyprus, as the island and the capital are separated by the Turkish demarcation line, into the southern part „Greek Cyprus” and the northern part „Turkish Cyprus.” Despite the fact that the country is divided, it is beautiful and worth visiting both parts. Young people and fans of bustling resorts will like the Greek part of Cyprus, while a quieter, family vacation is recommended in the Turkish part. Hotels in both parts of Cyprus are modern and with extensive infrastructure. Cyprus belongs to Europe, but is in our opinion very exotic, attracted and fascinated by beautiful beaches, rich and varied monuments, excellent cuisine, sports opportunities and Cypriot hospitality.

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Is Cyprus worth seeing?


what to see in cyprus - nicosia

Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus with a population of over 300,000. Located in the center of the island of Cyprus, it is the only capital city in the world that has been divided into two parts since 1974: the northern Turkish part and the southern Greek part. Turkish Nicosia is the capital of a state unrecognized by anyone but the Turks themselves called the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, colloquially referred to as Northern Cyprus. Wanting to cross from one side of the city to the other, you need to cross the border crossing on Nicosia’s main pedestrian street – Ledra Street. Among the city’s biggest attractions are: The Venetian Walls and Famagusta Gate, the Cyprus Archaeological Museum, the old Buyuk Han bazaar and the Selimiye Mosque (St. Sophia Cathedral).


Is Cyprus worth seeing? Paphos

Located in the southwestern part of Cyprus, Paphos is the country’s fourth largest city. It is also one of the major tourist destinations that offers a peaceful getaway. Paphos in ancient times was an important site associated with the cult of Aphrodite. The rock named in her honor is one of the major attractions in the area. In addition, in Paphos you will also find an archaeological park with famous mosaics and the Royal Tombs. If you wish to take a break from sightseeing, then you can relax on one of the local picturesque beaches.


Is Cyprus worth seeing? Larnaca

Larnaca is a popular vacation center for tourists and Cypriots who enjoy the long summer. There is a famous promenade with rows of natural palm trees, cafes and tavernas, and a harbor frequented by amateur yachtsmen from all over the world. At the western end of the Cyprus promenade is a 17th century fort that now houses a medieval museum. In Larnaca there is a remnant of the ancient state, the city of Kition, being a reminder of its great days.


limassol what to see in cyprus

Limassol is a well-known vacation region with the main port of Cyprus. It is exotic, bustling with nightlife and fun. Limassol is home to the two largest festivals of the Carnival Parades and the Wine Festival in September. The coastline stretches 10 kilometers, along with shopping centers, countless taverns and restaurants.

Ayia Napa

ayia napa Is Cyprus worth seeing?

Ayia Napa is a seaside resort located in the southeastern part of Cyprus, in close proximity to Larnaca. The town is mainly famous for its beautiful beaches, which attract tourists there who are thirsty for sun and nice views. Ayia Napa also has excellent hotel and restaurant facilities. The resort is also the party hub of Cyprus. Here you will find some of the best clubs on the entire island. Meanwhile, around Ayia Napa you will be able to visit the amazing Cape Greco National Park.

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