Country: Albania
Capital city: Tirana
Population: 3,195,000 people
Area: 28,748 km
Currency: lek
Language: Albanian

Albania is a country located in southeastern Europe, in the Balkans, on the Adriatic Sea. Albania borders Greece, Macedonia and Montenegro. Its capital is Tirana. Major cities besides the capital include: Durres, Elbasan and Vlora. In Albanian, the country’s name means „Eagle” and comes from the eagles that once circled over Albania’s mountains and lakes. A trip to Albania is a great idea to spend your free time. A visit to this remarkable country will be an unforgettable experience for everyone. The country is constantly developing, and Albanians are extremely friendly to tourists. The only obstacle may be the Albanians’ lack of language skills.An inconvenience for tourists may be the inability to make payments with credit cards. There are virtually no ATMs in Albania.


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Is Albania worth seeing? Is Albania worth visiting?


Is Albania worth seeing? Is Albania worth visiting?

Tirana is the capital, cultural center and largest city of Albania, often referred to as the city of mercs! Tirana lies in the heart of the country, on the Ishmi River, at the foot of Mount Dajti. In Tirana, it is worth visiting Skandrbeg Square, Ethem Beja Mosque with its minaret open to tourists, which is a real attraction of the city, the symbol of Tirana – that is, the Sahat Kula (clock tower), the Ottoman semicircle, the Bektashic tekkiye, the 18th-century Gravediggers’ Bridge – open to pedestrian traffic, or the Petrel Fortress – far from the city center, that is the best preserved castle in Albania. There is also no shortage of Orthodox and Catholic churches, as Islam, Orthodoxy and Catholicism are the three religions that coexist in Tirana. The capital’s main square is Pazari i Ri Square, which is also a market square.


The beautiful city, which is a jewel among all the sights of Albania, is located 32 kilometers from Tirana. Kruje is an old city. As early as 879 it was mentioned in chronicles as a center of Christian worship. Kruja was also the capital of its region for a long time. It was repeatedly besieged by the Turks before finally surrendering, making it a symbol of Albanian resistance against the invaders. The city sits on mountain slopes, more than 500 meters above sea level. The most important attraction of Kruja is the castle. It was built in the 5th or 6th century and is built on an elliptical plan. Mighty walls and 9 defensive towers accounted for the fortress’ power. Currently, inside you can visit the Skanderbeg museum and the ethnographic museum. The town also has a colorful marketplace, frequented by tourists. 


Is Albania worth seeing? Is Albania worth visiting?bdurres

A major resort in Albania, it lies on the Adriatic Sea, 35 km from the capital Tirana. Durres has an extensive sandy beach 15 kilometers long. The town itself has a rich history dating back to ancient times; in Durres you can visit the great Roman amphitheater, built in the 2nd century AD, the Historical Museum, the ruins of the Old Market in the center of town and the Roman baths.


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Albania’s second largest port city, with a population of nearly 100,000. It is one of the oldest cities in Albania. It was founded in the 6th century B.C. and named Aulōn by the Greeks (they still call it that). The city has been attracting tourists for years. In addition to the coast, it manages to charm with its numerous gardens and olive groves. It’s ideal for beachgoers, especially since there have been more and more hotels and restaurants here for some time.

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